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Step 1 - Plan

Consider your lifestyle and what type of pet would best suit your family. To ensure you can offer a lifelong home, remember to consider the dog, or puppies ongoing expenses.


Step 2 - Search

Visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to view the dogs and puppies that are available for adoption. Read their profiles and see if they would suit the home you can offer.


Step 3 - Contact

Once you’ve found your special family member, contact us and fill in and return the adoption form on our website.


Step 4 - Visit

Visit us to meet the dog or puppy you are looking to adopt and prepare to welcome a new addition to your home.


Step 5 – Forever Home!

After a home check has been done, you have paid your adoption fee and the dog or puppy has been sterilised and vaccinated, you can collect your new family member at our facilities. Our contract states that should you ever be unable to care for the adopted dog or puppy, you will bring him or her back to our shelter.

21-8-10 Charlie FB.png
21-8-6 Sahara FB.png
21-8-12 Sarah & Shumba FB.png
21-8-11 Lucky FB.png
21-8-10 Hero FB.png
21-8-17 Rocky FB.png
21-8-16 Grace & Proud FB.png

Download the ALL-IN-ONE adoption form HERE!

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